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Become a Throttle Therapy ambassador

Throttle Therapy is all about inspiring people to get on the bike and ride. Not just because it’s so much fun, but mostly because it gives people a chance to take better care for their mental well-being. Us motorcyclists are lucky to have our therapist waiting for us in the garage. Rough day? Let’s ride. Tough situation? Let’s ride. Stressful week? Let’s ride.

Unfortunately, rougy days, tough situations and stressful weeks isn’t just exclusive to us motorcyclists. People that don’t ride also experience such things. They are less lucky, cause they can’t just simply ‘throttle it out’. Also may very well not be aware that it’s a solution in the first place. Let’s show them.

While we are confident that by sharing our content we can help make a change, lord knows we need all the help we can get. That’s why we’d like you to become a ambassador.

We inspire.

We educate.

We invest.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to invest. But we’d like you to inspire and educate. Just like we do. We use our platform to share knowledge and awareness. Give people tips and tricks about mentall well-being, how it works, how to take care of it and so on and so forth. As a ambassador you will do the same. Rep the Throttle Therapy brand. Tell people about the mission. Using whatever platform you have at your disposal, because that is entirely up to you.

How it works.

We value our ambassadors. Therefore we have created a special program to empower our ambassadors to create unique content that benefits the mission we have. Rewarding you (with money) in the process. 


Simply fill out an ambassador application so we can get to know you. We will review your application to see if you are a good fit as a ambassador.


As a Throttle Therapy ambassador, rep the brand. Show people how it's done. Tell people what riding a motorcycle has done for you and what it can do for them.

Get rewarded.

As a ambassador, you get your own discount codes to share with your community. When people purchase using these codes, you will automatically receive a pay-out!

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