Mental Health organisations

We invest.

Our mission is clear. Throttle Therapy wants to help people take care of their mental well-being. Regardless if that is through getting a motorcycle license, finding the neccesary education to understand and deal with what they are feeling or by helping people have the conversation amongst each other. 

While we are commited to fighting this fight for mental health, our contribution through our platform only takes us so far. Therefore, we donate a portion of our profits towards organisations also in this fight. This allows us to spread our efforts outside of the motorcycle community.

Below you can find a list of organisations we support. This list gets updated constantly as we find other organisations on the same journey as us. Is there a organisation that you feel should be on the list? Feel free to let us know on the contact page.


Healthy Gamer is a mental wellness organisation targeting the ‘internet generation’ while the content and knowledge they share can be applied to everyone. They provide various coaching solutions but are also non-stop sharing knowledge about mental health. Their YouTube channel is a absolute goldmine for information regarding this topic. The knowledge they provide is of immeasurable value and it has in fact inspired Throttle Therapy to become a thing. 


MIND Us  is a Dutch mental wellness organisation targeting the youth. A very important target audience considering 75% of all mental illness arises at a age of 25 and below.

Their program largely revolves around accessible help for young people relevant to their activities. Namelijk free time, education and online.

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